How should I install Steam mods?

If you are modding the game, please don't modify any of the bank files located in the PCBANKS folder. These are the banks No Man's Sky ships with, and modifying them makes it impossible for the game to detect if you have a corrupted installation.

Any mod banks should go into a subfolder of PCBANKS, called MODS (this folder does not exist by default, so you'll need to create it). All banks in the MODS folder will be mounted when the game starts up.

Banks in the MODS folder are loaded additively, over the top of the banks shipped in No Man's Sky, and given priority over the shipping files. This allows a mod bank to replace any files in the shipping game, or add new ones.

Also note that the DISABLEMODS.TXT file, located in the PCBANKS folder, must be deleted for your mods to load. 

As always, we'd only recommend installing mods if you're familiar with modding on Steam.

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