The game crashes when it starts (Steam)

If you're using Steam, and the game crashes when you start, please ensure you have the latest version of Steam installed.

To make sure your client is up to date, follow these steps: 

1) Update your Steam Client

  1. Open the Steam client
  2. Click the 'Steam' option at the top left of the screen
  3. Select the 'Check for Steam Client Updates' option


Your Steam Client will then update to the latest version if necessary. If your client was out of date, please try re-loading the game.


2) Ensure that your Graphics Card drivers are completely up to date. Windows will often incorrectly report these as up to date so it's best to check the following links:

  • For Nvidia Cards please visit We recommend you at least have driver version 419 installed but the latest is ideal.
  • For AMD Cards please visit We recommend you at least have driver version 18.2 but the latest driver would be best.
  • Please note that having both AMD and Nvidia drivers installed on your machine can cause conflicts in some cases so if you used to own a different card, please make sure all older drivers are removed.


Please also ensure any mods installed have been removed before attempting to load the game, as this may also have an impact on stability.




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